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Scaling Tokkra’s E-commerce Sales for its Chic Fashion Brand

Client Background:

“Tokkra,” a boutique fashion brand specializing in sustainable clothing, aimed to expand its online presence and increase sales. Despite having a loyal customer base, they struggled to compete with larger e-commerce platforms.

Havit Growth Agency’s Approach:

Havit Growth Agency conducted extensive market research to identify Chic Haven’s target audience and their preferences. They revamped the brand’s e-commerce website, focusing on user experience and mobile responsiveness, and implemented data-driven email marketing campaigns to re-engage existing customers and attract new ones.


Within six months, Chic Haven witnessed a 100% increase in online sales and a 50% rise in website traffic. Their customer base expanded globally, and the average order value grew by 25%, showcasing the effectiveness of Havit Growth Agency’s tailored strategies in driving sustainable growth.


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