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Launching an Innovative Custom Application for Ideeza

Client Background:

“Ideeza,” a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Hardware Product Engineering, and Blockchain, faced challenges of limited brand awareness and the need for innovative business growth strategies. They aimed to develop a cutting-edge web app leveraging the latest technologies.

Havit Growth Agency’s Approach:

Havit Growth Agency collaborated closely with Ideeza’s team to understand their target market and objectives. They devised a comprehensive strategy that included market research, UX/UI design, agile development methodologies, and blockchain integration to create a unique and scalable web app.


Within nine months, Ideeza successfully launched their web app, receiving rave reviews from early adopters and industry experts. The app gained traction quickly, attracting a significant user base and driving engagement through its intuitive interface and advanced features. Havit Growth Agency’s strategic guidance and technical expertise played a pivotal role in helping Ideeza establish itself as an innovative leader in the AI, Hardware Product Engineering, and Blockchain sectors, paving the way for sustained growth and success.

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