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Project Objective

Advisory Corps, a leading consulting firm, partnered with Havit, to enhance their digital footprint, establish a cohesive and effective marketing strategy, and expand their global reach. The main objectives were to improve brand visibility, streamline online operations, develop business growth strategies, and facilitate international expansion into various markets.

Client Overview

Client: Advisory Corps

Industry: Consulting - Strategy, Financial Advisory, Real Estate Development, Data Analytics

Challenges: Limited online presence, fragmented marketing approach, the need for expansion into diverse regions, and lack of structured growth strategies and business automation tools implementation to be done.

Solution Offered

Market Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Conducted thorough market research to identify industry trends, consumer behavior, and untapped market segments.
  • Performed a detailed competitor analysis to understand the competitive landscape and identify areas for differentiation and strategic advantage.
Website Maintenance and Improvements
  • Conducted a comprehensive audit of Advisory Corps’ existing website, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.
  • Regularly maintained and updated the website to ensure a seamless user experience, improved functionality, and up-to-date content.
Business Growth Strategies
  • Collaborated with Advisory Corps to develop customized business growth strategies, focusing on market penetration, diversification, and strategic partnerships.
  • Implemented growth strategies in a phased manner, ensuring alignment with the firm’s overarching goals and objectives.
Global Expansion Strategies
  • Analyzed potential markets for international expansion, considering economic indicators, cultural nuances, and market demand.
  • Worked closely with Advisory Corps to create a roadmap for global expansion, outlining entry strategies and market-specific approaches.
Content Creation and Newsletters
  •  Developed high-quality and engaging content that showcased Advisory Corps’ expertise and industry knowledge, enhancing brand authority and online visibility.
  • Regularly curated and disseminated newsletters to clients and prospects, providing valuable insights and updates on the industry.
Digital Marketing | Google Ads | SEO
  • Executed targeted digital marketing campaigns to drive traffic and generate leads, utilizing Google Ads and SEO techniques to enhance visibility in search results.
  • Leveraged digital platforms to optimize brand exposure and drive engagement.
Social Media Handling | HubSpot Setup/Management
  • Managed and curated social media profiles to increase brand presence, engagement, and followership.
  • Set up and managed HubSpot, integrating it into the marketing strategy to streamline lead nurturing, customer engagement, and analytics.
Business Automation Tools Implementation
  • Identified and implemented suitable automation tools for business and team management
  • optimizing processes such as client onboarding, project tracking, and performance analysis using tools like Jira, Salesforce, Hubspot, Clickup, Trello, Slack etc. for their own Organization.
  • Trained their team on these tools for automated and efficient workflow.


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