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Project Objective

Tokkra, an aspiring e-commerce platform specializing in premium leather jackets, collaborated with Havit Growth Agency to undergo complete digitalization, develop a strong online brand identity, and implement effective digital marketing strategies. The primary goal was to create an immersive online shopping destination, enhance brand visibility, and drive sales through a user-friendly interface.

Client Overview


Industry: E-commerce - Premium Leather Jackets

Challenges: Establishing an online platform for premium leather jackets, creating brand recognition, and driving sales through a seamless online shopping experience.

Solution Offered

Complete Digitalization from Scratch
  • Conducted a detailed analysis of Tokkra’s requirements to initiate a full-scale digital transformation from the ground up.

  • Oversaw the entire process, from conceptualization to implementation, ensuring a seamless online platform.

Domain Name Searching and Finalization
  • Conducted thorough research to identify a unique and brand-aligned domain name for Tokkra.

  • Finalized a domain that resonated with the brand’s identity and positioned it effectively in the market.

Logo Creation and Complete Branding
  • Crafted a distinctive logo that encapsulated Tokkra’s elegance and commitment to craftsmanship.

  • Extended branding efforts to ensure a consistent visual identity across all touchpoints.

Social Media Marketing
  • Developed a tailored social media marketing strategy to introduce Tokkra to a wider audience.

  • Utilized platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase the premium leather jackets and engage potential customers.

Paid Ads and Digital Marketing
  • Implemented targeted paid advertising campaigns to increase visibility and drive traffic to the Tokkra website.

  • Executed digital marketing strategies focused on reaching potential customers interested in premium fashion.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Optimized the Tokkra website for search engines to improve visibility in search results.

  • Conducted keyword research and implemented SEO best practices to drive organic traffic.

Website UI/UX
  • Redesigned the website’s user interface and user experience to ensure seamless navigation and an enjoyable shopping experience.

  • Prioritized user-friendly features and responsive design elements.

Website Pixels Integration for Real-Time Data Tracking and Insights
  • Integrated website pixels for various platforms to track user behavior in real-time.

  • Utilized insights gathered from pixel data to refine marketing strategies and enhance the overall online experience.

Creative Visual Designing
  • Designed visually appealing graphics and promotional materials that highlighted the craftsmanship and diverse styles of Tokkra’s leather jackets.

Social Media Posts Creation and Designing
  • Created engaging and shareable social media posts to foster brand interaction and attract an audience interested in premium fashion.


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