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Project Objective

SPADO Pakistan, a semi-government organization focusing on the Killer Robots Campaign, partnered with Havit Growth Agency to develop effective business growth strategies, harness digital marketing, and optimize advertising efforts. The primary objective was to create a solid foundation for the campaign, increase awareness about responsible AI use, and engage a broader audience in the cause.

Client Overview

Client: SPADO Pakistan

Industry: Semi-Government Organization - Killer Robots Campaign

Challenges: Creating a comprehensive business growth strategy, reaching a wider audience to advocate for responsible AI use in military applications.

Solution Offered

Business Growth Strategies
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of SPADO Pakistan’s goals, target audience, and the AI landscape to formulate effective business growth strategies.

  • Devised strategies focusing on advocacy, partnerships, and engagement to drive growth and establish a strong footing for the Killer Robots Campaign.

Digital Marketing
  • Developed a tailored digital marketing strategy to increase awareness about the Killer Robots Campaign and advocate for responsible AI use.

  • Utilized social media, content marketing, and email campaigns to reach a wider audience, educate them on the cause, and encourage participation.

  • Created impactful advertising campaigns highlighting the dangers of uncontrolled AI in military applications and promoting responsible AI use.


  • Implemented targeted advertising across various platforms to reach potential supporters and donors, amplifying the campaign’s message.


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