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Project Objective

SonderBlu, an innovative streaming platform, partnered with Havit, to create a cutting-edge interactive streaming platform connecting film enthusiasts and filmmakers. The main objectives were to develop robust web and mobile applications, integrate IPTV technology for seamless streaming, establish an engaging community, and effectively market the platform.

Client Overview

Client: SonderBlu

Industry: Film Streaming and Community Platform

Challenges: Establishing a vibrant community-centric streaming platform, developing web and mobile apps, enhancing user experience through IPTV technology, and marketing the platform effectively.

Solution Offered

Web and Mobile App Development
  • Designed and developed a user-friendly web application and mobile app (iOS, Google Play, Android TV, Fire TV) for SonderBlu.
  • Integrated features enabling users to stream, share, and collaborate on movies seamlessly.
IPTV Integration
  • Leveraged IPTV technology to allow users to stream videos at their convenience, providing higher streaming resolution, multiple screen options, and a seamless viewing experience.
  • Enabled users to watch, rate, share, and schedule movies across devices.
Community Building
  • Established SonderBlu as a vibrant community by facilitating collaborative streaming and social interactions.
  • Created a platform for film enthusiasts to connect, rate, review, and comment, fostering a lively film-loving community.
Marketing Plans and Advertising
  • Developed comprehensive marketing strategies to increase SonderBlu’s brand visibility and attract a wider user base.
  • Executed targeted advertising campaigns across various channels, promoting the platform’s unique features and benefits.


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