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Project Objective

Pixmotv, a post-production company dedicated to excellence, partnered with Havit Growth Agency to redefine its brand identity, strengthen its digital presence, and devise impactful business growth strategies. The primary objective was to create a distinctive brand image, enhance online visibility, and drive growth in the competitive post-production landscape.

Client Overview

Client: Pixmotv

Industry: Post-Production

Challenges: Establishing a brand presence, enhancing digital visibility, and implementing effective business growth strategies in the post-production industry.

Solution Offered

Branding and Digitalization
  • Conducted market research to understand Pixmotv’s unique positioning in the post-production industry and develop a compelling brand identity.

  • Crafted a comprehensive branding strategy to showcase Pixmotv’s commitment to post-production excellence.

Logo Creation and Designing
  • Designed a visually striking logo that captured the essence of PixmoTV’s creativity and professionalism, aligning with their brand identity.

Domain Name and Hosting
  • Assisted in selecting an impactful domain name and provided hosting solutions to establish a strong online presence for PixmoTV.

Business Growth Strategies
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of PixmoTV’s target market, competition, and industry trends to formulate effective business growth strategies.

  • Devised strategies focusing on industry collaborations, expanding service offerings, and leveraging digital platforms to drive growth.

Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Developed a tailored social media and digital marketing strategy to showcase PixmoTV’s post-production work, engage potential clients, and highlight industry expertise.

  • Utilized targeted advertising and content marketing to increase visibility and attract potential clients.

Website Designing
  • Revamped PixmoTV’s website to ensure it reflected the company’s professionalism and showcased their portfolio effectively.

  • Implemented user-friendly navigation and optimized the website for search engines to attract potential clients.


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