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Project Objective

IDEEZA, an innovative AI tool for Hardware Product Engineering, aimed to transform text into blueprints instantly and mint them on the blockchain for ownership recognition and future monetization. They partnered with Havit, a growth agency, to create and implement effective business growth strategies, enhance brand visibility through social media and digital marketing, and develop a cutting-edge web app leveraging advanced technologies.

Client Overview

Client: IDEEZA

Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Hardware Product Engineering, Blockchain

Challenges: Limited brand awareness, a need for business growth strategies, and the development of an innovative web app leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Solution Offered

Business Growth Strategies
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of IDEEZA’s market positioning, target audience, and competition to devise a tailored business growth strategy.

  • Collaborated with the client to create a roadmap focusing on market expansion, strategic partnerships, and product diversification.

Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Developed a robust social media and digital marketing strategy to enhance brand visibility, attract potential customers, and educate the market about IDEEZA’s innovative offerings.

  • Executed targeted campaigns to reach the target audience across various digital platforms, showcasing the benefits and uniqueness of IDEEZA.

Web App Development
  • Designed and developed a web app for IDEEZA, leveraging advanced technologies like DevOps and React to ensure a seamless and efficient user experience.

  • Integrated blockchain technology to enable minting of blueprints for ownership recognition and future monetization.


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