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Project Objective

Fatima’s Garden, an international herbal beauty products firm, partnered with Havit Growth Agency to drive business growth and enhance their online presence. The primary objective was to create and implement effective business growth strategies, establish a strong social media presence, conduct targeted advertising campaigns, and develop an appealing e-commerce website.

Client Overview

Client:Fatima’s Garden

Industry: Herbal Beauty Products

Challenges: Creating an effective business growth strategy, establishing a robust online presence through social media, advertising, and developing an engaging e-commerce website.

Solution Offered

Business Growth Strategies
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of Fatima’s Garden’s business model, target market, and industry trends to devise a strategic business growth plan.

  • Formulated growth strategies focusing on expanding their product range, targeting diverse markets, and enhancing partnerships with distributors and retailers.

Social Media Engagement
  • Developed a comprehensive social media strategy to boost Fatima’s Garden’s brand visibility, engage with potential customers, and showcase their herbal beauty products effectively.

  • Curated compelling content and visually appealing creatives to enhance brand engagement and attract beauty enthusiasts.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns
  • Launched targeted advertising campaigns across various platforms to broaden Fatima’s Garden’s reach and attract potential customers seeking natural beauty products.

  • Utilized precise targeting and engaging ad creatives to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their e-commerce platform.

E-commerce Website Designing and Development
  • Designed and developed an enticing e-commerce website for Fatima’s Garden, providing a seamless user experience and showcasing their herbal beauty product range effectively.

  • Ensured the website was optimized for easy navigation, secure transactions, and highlighted their brand ethos and commitment to natural beauty.


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