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Project Objective

E-Build Pakistan, an emerging online marketplace, approached Havit, a growth agency, to revamp their digital presence, enhance customer engagement, and drive business growth. Our goal was to implement comprehensive strategies including social media marketing, website enhancement, and targeted advertising to bolster their market position and ultimately increase sales.

Client Overview

Client: E-Build Pakistan

Industry: E-commerce - Furnishing, Decor, and Construction Products

Challenges: Limited online presence, suboptimal marketing strategies, stagnant growth, and an underperforming website.

Solution Offered

Social Media Marketing
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of E-Build Pakistan’s target audience and market trends.
  • Developed a comprehensive social media strategy to increase brand visibility and engagement.
  • Created compelling content that showcased E-Build Pakistan’s unique product range and special offers.
  • Leveraged various social media platforms to reach the target audience effectively.
  • Regularly monitored and optimized campaigns to ensure optimal performance and ROI.
Website Handling
  • Conducted a detailed audit of E-Build Pakistan’s website to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement.
  • Revamped the website to enhance user experience, streamline navigation, and ensure a visually appealing interface.
  • Optimized the website for speed, responsiveness, and search engine visibility (SEO).
  • Implemented an efficient product categorization system and a seamless checkout process to drive conversions.
  • Designed and executed targeted advertising campaigns on various digital platforms.
  • Utilized pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to reach potential customers actively searching for related products.
  • Leveraged display ads to increase brand visibility and reach a broader audience.
  • Tracked advertising performance, adjusted strategies, and optimized campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


Business Growth Strategies Creation and Implementation
  • Conducted a SWOT analysis to identify E-Build Pakistan’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Collaborated with the client to develop tailored business growth strategies, focusing on market penetration, diversification, and strategic partnerships.
  • Implemented the strategies while closely monitoring progress, making necessary adjustments to ensure success.


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