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Project Objective

Continental Travels, a well-established offline travel and tour business, engaged us, to spearhead their transition into the digital realm. The primary objectives were to create an online brand presence from scratch, establish a robust digital infrastructure, and attract a broader customer base through effective branding and digital strategies, informed by market research and competitor analysis.

Client Overview

Client: Continental Travels

Industry: Travel and Tourism

Challenges: Limited brand recognition, completely offline business operations, outdated website, ineffective digital presence, and fragmented branding.

Solution Offered

Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Conducted extensive market research to understand trends, consumer behaviors, and the competitive landscape within the travel and tourism industry.
  • Analyzed competitors’ strategies in both the offline and online domains to identify gaps and opportunities for Continental Travels.
  • Designed a brand identity from scratch, which included logo, brand book, stationary, flexes, standees, billboards and much more, aligning it with contemporary trends and the evolving expectations of the digital consumer.
  • Integrated insights from market research and competitor analysis to position the brand uniquely, highlighting its strengths and differentiating factors.
Digitalization and Website Designing and Development
  • Built a comprehensive digital strategy, encompassing a website to serve as the cornerstone of the online presence, ensuring alignment with industry best practices and consumer preferences.
  • Utilized market research insights to design and develop a user-friendly website that caters to the target audience’s specific needs and preferences, facilitating seamless browsing and transactions.
Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Developed and executed a tailored social media strategy based on market research findings, focusing on building brand awareness and engaging the target audience.
  • Leveraged insights from competitor analysis to position Continental Travels strategically in the online travel and tourism landscape, identifying opportunities for effective digital marketing campaigns.
  • Designed advertising campaigns informed by both market research and competitor analysis, selecting the most suitable platforms to maximize reach and engagement with potential customers.


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